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Understand your Workplace Dynamics with REDZone Solutions

Battery-powered desk sensors, with a 5-year lifespan, monitor real-time occupancy unobtrusively. They provide data on usage patterns, seamlessly integrating into any workspace to monitor occupancy.

Desk Sensors

Room sensors provide precise, real-time occupancy data, and enhance space management and operational efficiency in various environments, ensuring optimal utilisation.

Room Sensors

Room sensors for large areas, such as auditoriums and lecture theatres, offer unparalleled accuracy, helping organisations understand booking utilisation, improve scheduling, and optimise internal environmental conditions.

Large Areas

These studies provide detailed insights into space utilisation, through physical surveys. These studies complement sensor data, enhancing understanding with contextual data.

Manual Studies


TRUCount Occupancy Sensors

Perception-Enabled Technology

Precision in Every Space. Seamlessly monitor room usage with our advanced sensors, delivering real-time, accurate data for optimal space management in various environments, from corporate offices to educational institutions.


Our advanced occupancy management solutions are transforming how businesses understand and utilise their office spaces. From individual desks to meeting rooms and common areas,


TRUCount provides real-time data to optimise space usage, and enhance employee productivity.  

Office Setting


Our innovative occupancy management solutions are revolutionizing campus spaces, enabling higher education institutions to gain real-time insights into room utilization.


From lecture halls to libraries, canteens, and event venues, REDZone's technology provides valuable data for optimizing space allocation. 

Lecture Hall Occupancy Management with TRUCount Pivot

TRUCount Analytics

AI-enabled Data Analytics

Our cloud-based, AI-enabled platform seamlessly integrates with all TRUCount IoT devices, transforming raw data into actionable insights. Experience the power of advanced analytics in optimising the performance and utility of every space.

TRUCount Analytics Dashboard


 This cloud-based, AI-driven platform offers comprehensive analysis of occupancy data from all TRUCount IoT devices. Enjoy features like real-time monitoring, historical trend analysis, and predictive insights, all designed to optimize space utilisation and enhance decision-making.


Our real-time information allows for immediate responses to space usage changes, ensuring efficient management and enhanced user experiences in every environment, from offices to educational campuses.

TRUCount App - real time occupancy
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